Tortoise meeting at the food bar

Time you guys met the new guy.

Here we have Derek our red foot tortoise meeting August and Baxter Bob the horsfield variety. Baxter Bob recently donated by a TherAmals fan and we are delighted to have him on board the therapy team. Already settled in and showing us who’s boss in the shelled world. Quite a character this chap. 8 years old so is older and larger than the baby August who’s 2. Derek the red foot is in his 50s and on permanent foster care from a friend here at TherAmals. August and Baxter Bob now live together happily and both enjoy play time in the animal room.

Tortoises should not be confined to small vivariums permanently. Some daily time out of the vivariums are required. They are very inquisitive creatures and really do enjoy exploring different smells and areas around them. They often explore for hours before settling to rest or eat. They will however take a taste of anything they think might be interesting. So careful checking of the play area is vital. A dropped tissue may look tasty but it won’t do the digestive system of the tortoise much good and yes he will take a bite. They require heat and UV lighting as well as a balanced diet high in calcium. The pet tortoise also need protection from predators such as cats or dogs, and children should always be supervised with a tortoise.

Tortoises can get sick but it’s not always obvious so thorough weekly health checks and monitoring are necessary

TherAmals is here not only to provide therapy based sessions and event visits but also for day to day pet care help. If you’re in need of further advice on how to care for your loved non-human, pop us a message or give us a call.

Enjoy your day and as always big hugs xx

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