TherAmals at Llangollen Faery Festival


Busy busy here at TherAmals. Our next public appearance will be at the fabulous

***Llangollen Faery Festival****

This coming weekend – Llangollen pavilion.
Come and see us there and chillax with the faeries unicorns and woodland creatures large and small. I hear there are Dragons and story tellers. Perfect for all the family as there is something for everyone there.

Forecast for rain …. No problem as rain and magic makes rainbows and rainbows make smiles.

The team:
Inca, Thorn, Story, Spice, Conker, Toffee, Coffee, Silver, Aero and Whisper with Sooty and Sweep, Silver, Mars, Amigo, Sambo, Deano, George, Spike, Needles, Branston Prickles, Miss Tiggy, Cookie, Crunchie, Candy, Floss, Curly and Wurly, Derek and Dave and of course the beautiful junior handlers all are busy getting ready for the weekend.
Our very special Princess Akasipi and Miss Molly are puckering up and applying the muzzlegloss ready for the unicorn kissing booth. Come take a selfie kissing a mini unicorn.
Special unicorn grooming sessions are available on site.

Come on, you know you want to .

See you there guys xxxx

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