Inca and her 24 hour walkabout.

Some may have heard that our cheeky naughty silver red Foxxxxy got spooked the other night whilst in the front garden and ran off. Well, after major panic and upset and horrendous amount of tears, a 24 hour Military style search for missing cheekiness resulted in several sightings but no catch.

Then after we all came home soaked to the skin from our lovely Welsh summer sky-tears we needed rest so headed to bed. 30 mins after turning off the light all amount of hoo har went on down stairs as we heard crash bang screech bark.

Aha, Inca is home.

Causing chaos and mischief immediately. Cold, wet and very hungry, and of course so happy to see her momma, she curled up in an excited ball of soggy wet foxy smiles and shrieks of joy……. On the sofa of course…. Her sofa. The very same sofa she grew up on playing. We of course had to immediately wake up all in the house with wet foxy kisses. Bleary eyed children also shrieked with pure excitement. The cat, well she’s not so excited. In fact she looks seriously peeved as she sits plotting her next move. Cat rules the household and even Inca bows down to her graceship. Happy TherAmals HQ again. Ready for work today and off we go.

Happy Thursday everyone. Xx

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