This weekend

Hello TherAfriends,

It may be raining this weekend but we are out and about providing doggy cuddles and really wet bunny love. Come down to Hope Caergwrle and Abermorddu carnival we will be there from 10am.  Read to a rabbit with Sofie our very talented junior dramatic animal handler. This young lady is fabulous with the younger audience and with grannies. They adore her outgoing confident personality.

Face your fears with the friendliest snake you will ever meet. Conker will conquer the fright in your soul and leave you feeling calm and relaxed inside. He really is the most precious snake and one of our much valued members of the team.

Sammy and Deano the bearded dragons eat children’s nightmares and protect them from further nightly frights.

Our hedgehogs have their own published story book. Come listen to story time and hold our famous hedgehogs for a prickly delightful cuddle.

So much more to tell, so come visit us. We even have something for dad and big brother as we will be teaming up with our very good friends Movie Animals. Guess what guys, they have wolves and they are Awesome. You can have your picture taken with these guys and you will look just fabulous. So much more going on. There really is some animal for everyone here this weekend so grab your brolly and come on down we can’t wait to see you. Oh and if you’d like to grab me a hot coffee on the way, I take milk and sugar. Thanks guys xxx much love as always xx

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